Whether you work in retail, manufacturing, financial services or a whole range of other sectors, direct mail marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience or expand into a new area.

Physical print gives your brand a presence in people’s homes and offices, whether it’s a price list or menu, details of a special offer or discount voucher, or a map with directions to your office or showroom.

As a marketing campaign, you want to achieve the best possible return on investment – so how do you reduce direct mail costs without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of your message?

How do you get the best results from a direct mail campaign?

Here are three ways you can start, with a focus on ways to cut direct mail costs that don’t reduce the impact of your direct mail campaign.

1. Size and weight

If you’re planning to send your mail through the postal service or via a third-party courier, its size and weight could be a factor in deciding your delivery costs, so make sure to compare direct mail delivery costs beforehand and choose a format that suits your budget.

The Taylor Bloxham Group offer print finishing services such as trimming, folding and binding, as well as a variety of paper thicknesses, which together should give you the options you need to come in just below the threshold of your chosen postage price bracket.

2. Buy in bulk

There are economies of scale in printing and postage alike, so if your direct mail campaign is going to cover quite a large area, you might want to look into the bulk buy options that are open to you.

As well as giving you the best prices on digital print, a larger campaign might have more options on delivery too, helping you to cut courier costs and to consider options like franking rather than using ordinary postage stamps. Our Mailbox division can help advise on the best way to distribute your mailings.

3. Price vs. cost

Remember the upfront price of a direct mail campaign is not the most significant factor – return on investment is what will determine the overall success of your campaign.

Households and businesses receive an endless stream of cheap flyers littered with typos and printing errors, so make sure you put the extra effort into getting something of good quality that will stand out in the crowd.

In fact, those leaflets from your competitors can even help you to look better in comparison, so think about how to get the best value from your budget in terms of quality and quantity alike.

Get our help with your next direct mail campaign

To speak to the Taylor Bloxham Group’s team about direct mail campaigns and any ideas you might have for your printed marketing materials, email info@taylorbloxham.co.uk or call us today on 0116 234 2600.

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