Exhibitions are a fantastic way to meet prospective customers and stay up to date with what’s going on in your industry. If you’ve got an exhibition coming up it’s essential to go armed with the right marketing materials, to ensure you make a great first impression and give people the information they need to learn more about your company and ultimately become a customer! Here are 4 essentials that we think every exhibition stand should have.


Exhibition brochures

Having a stack of glossy brochures on your exhibition stand not only looks professional and enticing, but also gives you the perfect vehicle to provide potential customers with additional information.

If you are designing a new exhibition brochure, it’s worth asking yourself some questions before diving into producing it:

  • Will this brochure only be used at the exhibition (this affects how many you need to get printed and possibly the content too, especially if the event is a launch pad for a new product or service)?
  • Is there a call to action I want the reader to carry out, for example calling the company or visiting a website? And does that call to action fit with the messages on the website, for example?
  • How can I monitor the success of an exhibition (is there a unique landing page listed in your brochure, or will you ask a new customer where they heard of you when they call?)

When you know the finer details of what you want to achieve with your brochure and what it will include, make sure you get it printed to a high quality standard as a brochure is a tangible example of the quality of your brand.


Exhibition banners

In a sea of other exhibitors, getting your stand noticed can be the first step to meeting potential customers. Well-designed roller banners and display banners are the perfect way to give your stand a presence and get the overview of your brand and what you offer in front of people to inspire them to learn more about you.

When it comes to designing your banner, you’ll need to think about the branding, imagery, details and call to action you want to include on it. Visit our tips for designing the perfect banner article for ideas on the copy and design of your next banner.

Instore offers a wide range of exhibition banner printing, including roll up banners and posters. Visit our Web2Print page to learn more.

Business cards

Whether you are running an exhibition stand or just attending an event as a guest, business cards are an essential! Despite many people now keeping a digital address book in their phone, a business card is still a fantastic way to give a potential customer your information and keep it front of mind.

Not only can business cards provide more information (i.e. your email address) they also give the recipient a tangible reminder of meeting you when they sort their business cards after the show rather than letting your name blur with others in their contact list.

Business cards can also save some fumbling and embarrassment when it comes to exchanging details – especially handy when you’re meeting so many new people in a busy, noisy exhibition hall!

A business card also acts as a representation of your brand, so great design and a beautiful print job is essential. We provide business card printing on demand through our Web2Print service, so get in touch today to talk about what you need for your next exhibition.

Branded merchandise

Everyone loves a freebie and exhibition regulars know that they will come back with a goody bag of pens, notepads and stress balls. Not only are these products a fun way to entice people to your stand, they also give you a great opportunity to put your brand and logo in front of potential customers and engage them in conversation.

Try to create handy products that can be used in everyday life. The best way to decide what these might be is to think about the visitors that you want to attract to your show and what they might find handy – for example at a show aimed at people who regularly work from an office these  products would be useful:

  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Mugs
  • Notepads
  • Sticky notes
  • Smartphone stands
  • Mouse mats

An interesting design or a high quality product will help you to stand out from the other branded merchandise they might receive at the show so remember to think about this when deciding what to order.


Whether its exhibition banners, business cards, brochures or other marketing materials, Taylor Bloxham Group can help. Get in touch today on (0)116 234 2600 or contact us here.

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