There is a wide range of factors that can affect the cost of a commercial printing project – from paper type to postage class. By considering each of these factors before printing you can reduce wastage and ultimately save on cost, giving you the best chance at an improved return on investment.


1.   Clean your data list so you send only to the right people

A clean list of recipients is crucial when it comes to getting results from direct mail marketing. The purpose of cleaning your data list is to remove the addresses where a recipient is no longer at the property, as well as any duplicated or invalid addresses.

Data cleaning can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large recipient list. Taylor Bloxham offers a service called data health check which does this all for you, safely and securely. Learn more about it here.


2.  Only print what you need

If you’ve ever faced the temptation to print more than you need in order to be on the safe side, you may have ended up with reams of excess promotional materials. This can be a tempting approach as with many print houses the more you print, the cheaper each print becomes.

Some services allow you to order and print what you need, when you need it. This means less money spent on wasted product so it can work out a lot cheaper in the long run. So if you either don’t know how much you will need or don’t have the storage capacity to keep your printed materials in stock, this may be the best method for you. We offer this option through our Web2Print service.


3.  Consider your promotional mail designs

Design can play a part in costs when it comes to both printing and postage. Different printing methods and paper types will result in different price points so it’s worth discussing the options that sit within your budget with the printers you choose to work with. Having your direct mail or promotional materials wrapped in clear plastic (polywrapping) can also add to the overall cost.


4.  Shop around for a courier…

…or use a printer that will do it for you! Groups like the Taylor Bloxham Group will provide the service of finding the best postage option and courier for your needs.

The cost of postage between different companies can vary wildly. Also you need to think about the type of postage you want for your communications. For example, you should consider if you require 1st Class, 2nd Class, or Economy delivery as this will affect how long your post takes to get to a customer.


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