A direct mail campaign is a great way to attract attention to your brand and allows you to target a specific area, whether that’s close to where you are based, a region where you are opening new premises, or just an untapped geographic market that you want to get into.

Direct mail works well for many sectors of industry including the travel sector, financial services and all areas of retail from fashion to food.

Whichever sector you operate in, you want your direct mail campaign to have maximum impact, and that means making your message personal and appealing – here are five of the best ways to achieve just that.

1. Big and bold direct mail

There’s a running joke in the printing profession that clients will always want to make the logo bigger, but in a direct mail campaign it makes good sense to have a big and bold front cover on a folded leaflet or a clear letterhead so recipients can see at a glance exactly who it is from.

2. Clear and crisp direct mail

Cluttered designs can make your message more confusing, so hone it down to only what you want to say, and don’t be afraid to leave white spaces or a fairly neutral background rather than filling every inch of the page. If you’re using high-definition printing, the clarity and contrast will be even more striking.

3. Who are you?

A common mistake is to mention what you are selling, without explaining who you are. Don’t assume recipients will have heard of you – give them at least a quick summary of your expertise and any USPs, and make sure your identity is up top so there’s no time for your readers to be reminded of any local competitors.

4. Mailing contact details

Again, you’ll sometimes see direct mail marketing that fails to include basic contact details, opening hours and so on. Make sure people can contact you and if you have a shop or office where they can meet you in person, consider including a photograph and/or small location map for a personal touch.

5. Choose quality

Finally, make the right impression by choosing the best quality printing and paper your budget will allow. Heavier paper and higher resolution printing, along with increased colour depth, all help your marketing materials to stand out and can soon pay for themselves by generating more enquiries from interested customers.

Find out more about our direct mail services

At the Taylor Bloxham Group, we offer high-quality digital printing and ultra-HD litho printing services, as well as a wide variety of print finishing options like folding, stitching and perfect-binding, to suit your marketing materials. Our Mailbox division specialises in a range of direct mail services including high speed multi insertion, kit collation and data management services. The FastAnt brand offers a range of storage, fulfilment and ecommerce solutions for all your direct mailing needs.

To find out more about how we can produce your direct mail marketing materials, give us a call today on 0116 234 2600 or email info@taylorbloxham.co.uk.

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