There’s a huge selection of printed marketing materials that can be used daily in any business. We’ve split the printed materials below into two lists; essentials for everyday business and marketing pieces that can help to boost your sales and brand awareness.

Essential printed marketing materials

These are key pieces of printed collateral and should be a top priority to give your company a slick and professional image.

Business cards

Even in a world of smartphones and LinkedIn, business cards have not lost their popularity. Business cards are probably the most important printed marketing tool for any business as they help you to share your business message and information with prospective customers anywhere, anytime. For this reason, it’s important to always have business cards handy – you never know when you’ll meet a potential customer!

Brochures and catalogues

If your business carries any kind of product or service, a beautifully designed brochure is essential. Brochures are an effective marketing tool for both existing and prospective clients and can help seal the deal by showcasing the products and services you have, including important details and answering any questions a customer may have.

Product sheets

Product sheets can be incredible time savers! If a potential customer is asking for more information or you need to supply information quickly, a product sheet cuts out the need to find and write up the correct information each time.

Custom letterheads

Having branded letterheads and other stationary like envelopes and folders gives your company a consistent and professional image. Branded stationary like this can create a fantastic first impression on prospective customers, reassuring them that you are established and think of every detail.

Marketing materials to boost your sales and brand awareness

These are the marketing materials that will let customers know who you are, where you are, what you offer and why they should choose you as a company.

Direct mail

A well-designed, targeted and timed direct mail campaign can make a big impact in a world where we are constantly bombarded with digital marketing. From standalone campaigns to inserts in other publications, there is a wide range of options when it comes to sending direct mail to reach both new and existing customers. Our guide to why you should include direct mail in your marketing plan explains more on this.


Done well, signs can be an extremely impactful marketing tool to reach customers as they pass by. This could come in the form of a billboard seem by thousands of commuters on their way to work, a sign outside of your premises advertising a sale now on, or even just a sign to help people locate your business if it’s not easily accessible.

For some organisations, signage may be more subtle but it’s still incredibly important, for example the plate with your logo and company name that sits outside the door to your office makes a crucial first impression on prospective customers.


If your business attends trade shows or events, then a pull up banner is the perfect tool to draw over interested patrons and provide them with an overview of what you offer.

Leaflets / flyers

Leaflets are a fantastic way to raise awareness of your business or events at a low cost. One of the biggest benefits of using leaflets is how many routes to the recipient there are. Posted or handed out directly, left in displays for people to pick up or included in a publication like a newspaper or a magazine are just some of the options.

Customer cards (feedback, loyalty and appointment cards)

Whether it’s a coffee shop loyalty card that rewards returning customers, a hairdresser’s appointment card providing all the information a client needs about the salon and their upcoming appointment, branded customer cards are an affordable but incredibly useful marketing material.

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