No matter how outstanding or compelling your direct mail campaign may be, it faces a hurdle as soon as it hits the recipient’s doormat; being opened. Although you can choose to forgo the envelope altogether, some pieces of direct mail really do require it – especially if they contain multiple elements or personal information. However, the good news is there are many ways in which you can encourage recipients to open your direct mail. With that in mind, we’ve put this quick guide together on how to choose an envelope that gets noticed and gets opened.


Teaser Copy

The same way that you might use a teaser headline for an article title or email subject, the envelope is prime real estate when it comes to enticing a reader to open up. This copy could be even be specific to the recipient or topic i.e. ‘Exclusive deal inside for car enthusiasts’.

If you’ve included some form of discount or promotion in your campaign, letting your recipients know about this can be the perfect opening incentive. You can also use this as an opportunity to include directive, or guiding, language. For example ‘look inside for deals’ or ‘see inside for our latest offers’.


Envelope size

Although it may seem logical that a larger envelope is more noticeable (and more likely to be opened) there can be a catch in terms of price. Not only can production costs be higher, but mail costs may also rise with a larger letter size, especially with postage rates working as combination of size and weight. If having a bigger envelope is a key part of your campaign, it’s worth checking how this will impact your costings before going ahead. You can also try and reduce mailing costs by using a direct mail fulfilment service like Mailbox from the Taylor Bloxham Group. They can advise on key pieces such as letter sizes but thanks to close relationships with the Royal Mail and DSA providers, will work to obtain the best possible rates, no matter the size of you campaign or project.


Quality and material

If your direct mail campaign is luxurious and high end, it makes perfect sense to opt for a higher quality material when it comes to the envelope that holds it. This allows the feel and essence of the campaign to be carried through the entire experience of handling and opening the mail. A higher quality of envelope can also intrigue and entice a recipient to open it and find out what’s inside, meaning it can often be worth the investment. The last thing you would want would be for your high-quality, premium enclosure to remain unseen thanks to a low-quality envelope.


Personalised direct mail envelopes

By using the recipient’s name on the envelope you instantly create a sense of value and that the mail has been purposely sent to them specifically and that the contents will be of interest or importance. This can also help you stand apart from other direct mailers who have sent a blanket campaign.

If you want to learn more, visit our full guide to personalising your direct mail campaign.


Design and colour

Utilising an eye-catching design can be the perfect way to make a splash on your recipient’s doormat, whether this is done through colour, imagery or copy. It’s worth checking with your print house what the possibilities are when it comes to the colour and printable designs for your envelope, as this will give you a clearer idea of the options you have.

It’s also worth noting that although it might be tempting to add a sense of urgency to opening your piece of mail, it’s important not to deceive recipients. Some brands have been known to use official looking envelopes and bold, red ‘URGENT’ stamps to do this. Ultimately, the recipient will realise they have been deceived as soon as they open and read the piece of mail, so it’s really not worth the risk!


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