Thinking of sending a direct mail campaign for the Christmas holidays? We’ve put together some top tips for creating your campaign, including when to send it and how to measure the results to make sure you get the best out of your festive direct mail campaign.

The best time to send a Christmas mail campaign

Timing is crucial for any marketing campaign over Christmas and direct mail is no exception.

You should aim to work with a printing house as early as September or October to get your campaign rolling and allow plenty of time to perfect it. From here your campaign can be mailed out in the months of November and December.

If you are sending a catalogue that the recipient can use for purchasing Christmas gifts or a voucher to use over the festive period, you may want to consider sending this as early as possible.

Types of festive direct mail to consider

When it comes to choosing something a little different for your direct mail marketing campaigns, Christmas is the perfect time to think outside of the box! Here are some of the more popular options:

Christmas cards

Thank your customers with a festive greetings card. Not only does this make a customer feel valued and special, it can help to raise awareness of your brand.

Advent calendars

Whilst it is a more costly option, sending a branded advent calendar can be a fantastic way to keep your brand in front of customers – for a whole 12 months!

Christmas catalogues

Sending out a catalogue when people are beginning to think of Christmas gifts or starting their present shopping can help them consider your brand in their purchases. Bear in mind you will need to get this kind of campaign out quite early to avoid missing the shopping rush.

Adding a gift or voucher

Christmas can be the perfect time to show existing customers that they are valued by giving away a gift, discount or other promotion. It’s important to consider how this will work logistically with your direct mail campaign. For example, a small gift will impact the weight of the mail and affect postage costs, whilst a voucher insert will require additional planning and printing.

Measuring your Christmas campaign’s success

As with all marketing campaigns, measuring the results is crucial to understand return on investment. Some of the best ways you can measure your campaign are:

  • Include a unique URL for your landing page, so that you can track the number of customers visiting your website from the campaign.
  • Use a unique voucher code as part of the campaign so that you can measure how many people use it.
  • Use unique phone numbers and call tracking to identify people calling as a result of the direct mail piece.


Christmas direct mail campaign

If you’re planning to send direct mail as part of your Christmas marketing plan, get in touch with Mailbox for expert help at every step of the way from printing to posting. Call 0116 240 5712 or email today.

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