Remember the Millennium Bug? The big scare that never was… Predictions of computer chaos, worldwide system failures and even planes falling from the sky. A lot of commotion and kerfuffle followed by a major anti-climax.

You may be getting a similar feeling about the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect in May. In the absence of straightforward advice and guidance, a lot of people have been stirring up anxieties over the implications of the regulations and the supposed dire consequences of failing to comply. And for the most part, a lot of what is being broadcast, presented and offered is, at best, drama and theatre and, at worst, scaremongering and exploitation of apparent ambiguity within the regulations.

Our approach is different. Our ethos is to work in partnership with our clients. We know there’s no benefit in attempting to scare people into action; we’d rather work with them to advise on changes such as these and devise solutions that benefit everyone in the relationship. That’s why we’ve published an in-depth, no-nonsense, reference guide on compliance with GDPR. To download a copy of this brochure, please complete your details below and click Download.

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