Creating an eye-catching and innovative POS campaign is a sure-fire and measurable way to boost sales in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The highly experienced team at the Taylor Bloxham Group’s multi-disciplinary InStore design agency can help your business do just this as they take care of every aspect of your POS campaign from design to prototyping and installation.

Knowledge is power

Nowadays more than ever, retail is all about staying ahead of the competition. At InStore we can provide you with valuable insights into your target market that will form the foundations of the targeted POS campaign we ultimately design and install. We use our extensive experience to share our insights into your specific marketplace to make sure your POS displays beat the competitions’ hands down and gets customers spending their money with you.

Get the message across

If you want to turn a browser into a buyer, you need to let them know instantly what you’re offering and how it will benefit them. So whether it’s a great discount, a unique function or a limited-time offer, it’s crucial to use short, clear messages to get your point across. Fonts should always be clear and colours eye-catching but your final design will depend on what you are selling. At InStore we use our vast experience in creating premium quality POS campaigns to advise you on what will work best for your business.

Give customers what they need

Point of Purchase displays are a particularly useful opportunity to generate extra sales, but these days they need to compete with the phones that inevitably come of out of people’s pockets when they are waiting in the queue. One great way to make the most of POP displays is to display useful products that customers often need, but often forget to pick up. For example, many discount fashion retailers display low cost items like socks, hair ties and other small accessories at the point of purchase, giving customers the useful opportunity to stock up on everyday essentials as they wait to pay. POP displays are also the perfect place to promote seasonal items such as Christmas and Halloween-related merchandise.

Engage the senses

These days POS campaigns needn’t be confined to catching the eye; you can entice people using their other senses too. Taste is an obvious one if you are selling food and want to promote a tasty new product or smell if you have a new perfume in store. Touch can be used for many different types of products; by positioning a product where people are likely to pick it up to examine it, you’ll encourage them to take the next step and actually buy it.

Bring online inside

Shopping online and hitting the high street are not mutually exclusive activities. Incorporating touchscreens in your POS displays will enhance the customer experience when it comes to finding out more about a product or checking whether it is available to order online. Or why not incorporate QR codes into your POS displays to lead customers to your website or social media accounts, where they will engage further with your brand?

POS campaigns that put the spotlight on you

If you want to create a POS display that will get people talking and generate all-important sales, speak to InStore today on 0116 234 2600.

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