If you’re looking to take your direct mail campaigns to the next level, or want to include them in your future marketing plans, then direct mail fulfilment could be the perfect option.

What exactly is direct mail fulfilment?

Essentially, direct mail fulfilment is preparing your direct mail campaign from print to delivery. Whilst the level of involvement can change between mail houses, Taylor Bloxham offers expert services for the full journey of a direct mail marketing campaign through its portfolio of printing and mailing brands. This includes:

Printing services

At the Taylor Bloxham Group’s Mailbox division we have the ability to print your direct mail in-house. This is a great way to keep costs down and can make the process a lot smoother than if you were to use two separate companies. From brochures to single A5 leaflets, there are a lot of options to explore and we can guide you through your choices to pick the most suitable option for your campaign.

Enclosing services

Put simply, this is the process of placing and sealing a piece (or pieces) of direct mail in an envelope. This can be done by hand or using machinery.  Mailbox use enclosing machines with built-in cameras and intelligent software, so that multiple personalised items can be enclosed into the same envelope. Hand enclosing is also an option and it is ideal if you have unusually shaped pieces of direct mail, for example

Polywrapping services

This is the process of adding a polythene wrap to one or multiple items of direct mail. It is commonly used for catalogues, magazines and brochures and is the perfect way to add a protective and durable layer. Polywrapping is also a good idea if you have multiple pieces of direct mail that need to be bundled together into one simple package. These can be basic clear polythene wraps, or personalised inline using a solvent high quality inkjet system.

Data checking

A clean list of recipients is crucial when it comes to getting results from direct mail marketing, particularly now that the EU-wide GDPR laws have come into effect. It’s important to regularly review your recipient list to remove those who no longer wish to (or cannot) receive your marketing. This includes those that have moved or passed away, as well as duplicate or invalid addresses. By excluding these entries from your data you can avoid wastage and reduce your printing and mailing costs.

Postage services

At Mailbox we can also assist with setting up and executing the postage of direct mail materials. With such a variety of postal companies and services on the market, it can be difficult to choose the most economic option. That’s where handling your postage services through direct mail fulfilment comes in. We can use our expertise and close working relationships with mailing providers to ensure you get the best postage option for your money and the most suitable for the type of campaign you are running.

Direct mail and fulfilment experts

For specialist advice on high quality yet cost-effective targeted, data-driven printed communications contact Mailbox at the Taylor Bloxham Group by emailing callme@mailbox-direct.co.uktoday or by calling  0116 240 5712.

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