The Challenge..

Unimpressed by the style and content of existing car magazines, this independent publisher decided to pursue a passion to write and produce a high-quality magazine for petrolheads.
To realise this gap in the market he gathered a team of writers, publishers and an art director to produce his own magazine and approached Taylor Bloxham based on our reputation for high quality bespoke magazine production.

The Solution..

We are proud to have helped RoadRat magazine to meet their aim of being “the most beautiful car magazine in the world”.
Issue one was produced in September 2018, and distributed exclusively via the worldwide web. 8,000 copies were produced, of a 244pp magazine, to rave reviews, and issue two and three have grown to an increased print run of 12,000 copies due to its success and as well as a reprint of Issue one to replenish stock.

The Print Production Details…

This second issue is printed with a total of 8 colours, adding a special silver, a special gold, a special blue and a special fluorescent to four colour process, something extremely unusual in a magazine where budgets are normally very tight.
Intelligent planning of sections meant that different special colours could be printed on opposite sides of a printed sheet. Two different papers were used, a gloss coated paper and an uncoated stock. Sections were split into 8pp and 16pp sections to allow for the multiple specials to be printed cost effectively, with both sides of the sheet being printed and varnished in single passes on our perfecting presses.
The cover was put on an uncoated stock, printed in 5 colours, with a clear foil and uv varnish applied to the masthead. We utilised high definition screening in the print, as well as pre-press expertise on a selection of 50yr old imagery.


The Road Rat Bicester Event


The success of the magazine has meant many recipients have already signed up for 4 issues of the magazine.
From our initial meeting and discussion with the owners outlining their vision for the magazine, we have been their preferred partners for magazine print production, and now adding to this the print production for POS outdoor events.
Through Fastant, part of the TB Group, we manage all of the RoadRat’s back office, from receipt of online orders, to managing the subscription service, holding all of the stock, to packing and distributing the magazines globally.



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