Consider where and how the banner will be used

The first step is to identify the purpose of the roller banner and how it will be used. For example, the goal may be for the banner to grab people’s interest at an exhibition and draw them to your stand to find out more, or it could be a tool to showcase a current promotion and be placed at your business location.

Once you know what the purpose is for your banner, and where it is going to be placed you can create marketing copy that helps it to fulfil these objectives.

Now that you have these details firmed up it’s time to think about the design logistics of the banner!

Use high quality images

It’s essential to use large, crisp, high quality images when designing your banner. Even if a design looks stunning on screen, if the images are not large enough when blown up to be printed for a banner, they can look pixelated and fuzzy. If you’re unsure about which types and sizes of images to use, speak to your printing house for their recommendations.

Use easy-to-read fonts

When choosing which fonts to use, consider that the banner will likely be read from further away, even from across the room. This means fonts should be easily read – a sans serif font may be a good choice. The size, spacing, colour and weight of the font should also be considered as these will all affect its legibility.

Keep it on brand

Many companies have brand guidelines created by a designer which list out the colours, fonts, logos and other elements that make up the brand style. Sticking to these guidelines is important to create a strong brand image in people’s minds and avoid creating a mismatched selection of marketing collateral. Even if you don’t have brand guidelines to hand, using a high-quality logo and matching to the colours and general style of your brand will go a long way!

Include contact information

Adding at least your website address (or phone number if appropriate) gives people the opportunity to get in touch later if the offering on the banner is of interest. This is especially important for banners that are not located in a situation where a member of the business is not available to talk through the offering/ contents on it.

Consider copy placement

Due to the height of roller banners, you should consider where a person’s eye is most likely to be drawn and place your most important elements there. A good rule of thumb is to split your banner into thirds vertically and put your main message at the bottom of the top third, or the top of the middle third.


As with any printed marketing piece, proofreading is essential to ensure you don’t end up having to re-print your roll up banner and incur additional costs.


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