The last six months have seen an extensive programme of investment for the Taylor Bloxham Group. Our print finishing and print presses have all been upgraded. At the turn of 2018, we are continuing our ambitious growth plans by unveiling the addition of a new digital press as part of our state of the art facilities.

The HP Indigo 7900 has been installed and will join our suite of high tech printing equipment. Along with our other recent investments, the Indigo will help to place our printing group at the forefront of the printing industry for a range of services including bulk printing, brochure printing and point of sale printing.

What is the HP Indigo 7900 printer?

As the market leader in print quality and colour, the HP Indigo is the world’s most popular digital production A3+ press. The new 7900 model raises the bar even higher. The new digital press offers improved print quality, colour-matching capabilities and speed, enabling enhanced productivity at our Leicestershire based operations.

Capable of print in colour up to 160 A4ppm, the Indigo 7900 has been installed in addition to the company’s existing Indigo 5000 and fleet of Heidelberg Speedmaster litho presses. To make space for a dedicated room to house all of the Indigo 7900’s digital equipment, our B2 Speedmaster CD 74 has been sold.

In our digital development, the Indigo was the right machine to increase both our capacity and our capability.

Helping us to grow

After the combination of triumph and adversity of the last ten months, continuing the investment that we’ve shown recently is the perfect way for us to start 2018.

As a company, we are committed to continuously making investments to reduce the costs for our clients whilst maintaining the high-quality of print that we pride ourselves on. We are confident that the new presses and finishing equipment will help us to achieve an even better year in 2018.

The Taylor Bloxham Group Ltd includes four brands that work together to manage the whole chain of marketing communications. Combined, Taylor Bloxham, FastAnt, Mailbox and Instore offer expertise in print, direct mail, fulfilment design and retail point of purchase.

So, whatever your print, direct mail, POS or fulfilment requirements, the Taylor Bloxham Group can help. Get in touch with us today on 0116 234 2600 to find out how we can help enhance your business communications.

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