A complete guide to creating business brochures written by Robert Lockwood, CEO of the Taylor Bloxham Group, has been featured on Bytestart.co.uk.

The article entitled ‘How to create brochures that are brilliant for business’ contains useful advice on identifying the audience for your brochure, the messaging it should contain and how design and print can support your message. View a snippet of the article below, or read the full guide on bytestart.co.uk.

Bytestart is one of the most popular small business information sites in the UK. Run and operated by small business specialists, Bytestart acts as an information hub to UK businesses, providing guides and practical advice to make the most of your business.

As an expert in the field of printing, Robert’s article offers the insight needed to produce a business brochure that not only looks professional, but also features the right information to meet the objectives of the brochure, and ultimately your business.

How to create brochures that are brilliant for business

Article excerpt:

Many businesses now allocate much of their marketing budget to raising their online profile. However, this does mean that some of the more traditional methods of marketing risk being side-lined.

The printed brochure is one of those valuable sales tools that can sometimes be overlooked. Yet one of the reasons that brochures have been such an integral part of marketing for so long is that they do work – as long as you get them right.

Why bother with a brochure?

A printed brochure does require an investment of time and money, but it is also a highly persuasive sales tool. In the transient digital world where people are subjected to a multitude of messages in a short space of time, brochures are a tangible and accessible reminder of the services or products that you offer…

Read ‘How to create brochures that are brilliant for business’ on bytestart.co.uk here

Brochure guidance from the print experts

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