A mailshot is a piece of direct marketing which is sent to a large group of customers or prospects at the same time. It is sometimes referred to as direct mail and often comes in the form of posted marketing material such as a postcard or letter.

A mailshot is a cost- effective way to reach potential customers, catch their attention and hopefully encourage them to carry out a call to action.


Types of mailshot marketing

Mailshots can come in two forms; direct mail and email.

Direct mailshot

A direct mailshot is advertising material sent by post and usually comes in the form of a leaflet, letter, postcard, catalogue or other printed material.

Email mailshot

An email mailshot is a promotional email sent to a large list of recipients, often containing an offer or news about a company.


Benefits of mailshots

Since the GDPR regulations came into effect in 2018, mailshots have grown in popularity as a marketing form. Not only are mailshots a great way to market in line with GDPR, they offer a range of benefits.

An affordable way to reach potential customers

Mailshots can be surprisingly cost effective; with the cost of online advertising rising it can be a great addition to a marketing plan.

You can carry out small-scale testing before rolling out

With both direct mail and email mailshots you can test your campaign on a small scale audience to gauge the success you might have with a full rollout or whether your campaign may need some changes in order to reach its full potential.

They can be targeted and personalised

Depending on your mailshot strategy, you may want to personalise your campaign. This can be done easily with both offline and online mailshots.

Results are measureable

With proper planning, the results of a mailshot can easily be measured, ensuring that you’re able to monitor its success and ultimately ROI. The use of a customised phone number, landing page URL or voucher code are common ways in which mailshots can be measured.

They can be outsourced to a mailshot company

A mailshot can seem like a huge task to someone who hasn’t done one before – and technically it is a huge job! There are multiple steps to any mailshot campaign including design, printing, enclosing and posting to a large group of people. Fortunately there are specialist mailshot companies out there with the expertise and facilities to manage your campaign smoothly.


Speak to Mailbox about your next mailshot

Mailbox can help you achieve your mailshot goals regardless of your campaign’s volume, specification or target audience. With high speed printing and enclosing facilities, as well as a team of experienced specialists, you can be sure your mailshot campaign is in good hands.

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